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    Last Update
    Website update information will be logged on this page. Pages are modified frequently as the site develops in content, size, and responds to feedback. Suggestions are always welcome!



    So FAR behind but I did get the employment application loaded!
    Wow, it took me long enough but I finally got the new apparatus pictures loaded, changed some wording around and still have a lot more to do, but it all takes time and I don't seem to have enough of it! 1700
    Winterized the EMS page, deleted the Humor Page and did a couple other mods on the Members page. I may have deleted the newest roster by accident, so if someone wants to upload it or email it then let me know so I can correct it! It would appear that I need to get to work with Photoshop and work on some updated graphics. Each time it's like learning the program all over again as I don't do it enough... so please be patient. John did a nice job of re-wording the main page to reflect our current state of being. Very nice! Also, found a new website: Limon Fire and Rescue! Been waiting for that to come on line. Now if Calhan gets aboard...
    Modified the Main page and added a "summer message". Deleted 2 links in on the Resource page that were no longer valid. It's time for a verbage update on multiple pages and I am open to suggestion. I'd like to change the district-speak on the main page and replace it with a "letter from the Chief" or possibly a Mission statement. Something along those lines. Anyone ever read this?
    Seasonalized the EMS page to Summer mode, uploaded the revised Member Roster, among other things. There are multiple other issues (images, etc..) that need attending to and I will get to those when able. Need a new image for Tender 1760 that has the new frame under it.
    Seasonlized the EMS page for winter topics. Updated/Replace the roster pager and it now included the Email addresses. This was the Excel Spreadsheet formated as HTML, so let me know if any problems arise.
    Seasonalized the EMS page finally (only 2 months late) and some minor mods to address dead links. News article link ref the March fire in Matheson, the July 2005 2 car head-on fatality images were added to the incident page. I believe I have some other images that will be coming to update some the the ones on the various main pages on the site. I have some currently, and will go thru them to see if any would look good as "main pictures" for the pages as an update.
    Okay, "the slacker" finally got to some updates. Nov and the missing September minutes have been posted on the Members-Only page. I have also updated the verbage to the Main page to reflect the November District Vote. I am trying to discipline myself enought to get the December meeting minutes onto the site a bit more timely once I get them. I will look at updating some of the site images in the near future as well.
    Updates to the main page as well as the index/intro page. Added a "last updated" script to the Main Page also. Winterized the EMS page and uploaded the October business meeting minutes. Resized/thumbnailed the images on the Incident Page to propmote faster DL time. Hopefully it will have a positive impact. If clicked, the fullsize image will load in a seperate window in full quality still, but the page itself should open faster especially if you have a copy in your temp internet directory from a prior visit.
    Roster updated to reflect election results, Call volume #'s updated, Main page verbage adjusted to address the upcoming November election issue, and a check of the Member page MTG notes done. NO problems found. I have also enabled a "Spam Assassin" program for email that is available from the LunarPages control panel that I access to maintain the site. If there is resulting problems, I will change it back. Ideally it will ID and filter out BS mass mailings and such...
    Updates to site stats (bottom of page), note of thanks to Labor Day 05 participants, reminder of November 05 election vote re-affirmation. Merlyn provided me a disc with a million pics on it, and I am unable to get them DL'd to my system for inclusion/disbursion on the site. I will work to get those pics and freshen up the site a bit with them!
    Updates done to roster, member page pic changed per Big Un's request, email list updated to include ALL current members whether they reqeusted a simlafire.org email or not. Minor mods to some text. Created a personal Simla Fire Group email for site updates, general communication, etc... I recommend all recipients create a similar set up on their email program so we can stay connected! Latest meeting notes (last 3 months actually) posted. Looking to include the letter to be distibuted in regard to the reaffirmation of the mill levy question that was challenged...?
    Removed the Simla Days info and replaced it with some links to 9-News vidoe coverage of the recent Kiowa fire that so many departments in the county aided on.
    Added a map/driving directions link to the Fire and Contact pages. Some other minor mods to text on several pages. Added a well-deserved Thank You to Shannon on the EMS page for all her hard work on the EMT training. It's something that needs to be a public notice IMHO, and not being taken for granted!
    Posted a Simla Days/Independence Day notice on the main page and removed the Auxilliary solicitation per reqeust. Cleaned up several minor puncuation and formatting issues on various pages. Fixed the bad image on the EMS page. Updated the visit count. Corrected inaccurate unit labeling on the Fire page. Performed a routine broken-links check with the Dead-Links.Com spider and tried to clean up pages/links that caused errors. Some links still went thru, but generate errors in the reports. These were either switched, or deleted/replaced.
    Reformatted the Fire Page and included new pictures of the trucks. Thanks to Lorin and his son for supplying the new images. They look great! The EMS page has been "seasonalized" for summer issues finally. (I think it's safe to say we are done with Winter?) Took care of a few other minor issues and added a new member email and access to the restricted area. I need to know if anyone has problems so I can fix them. Feel free to email me and let me know.
    Realized today that the member link to the roster page was incorrect, and pointing to a very old and wrong file. Should be fixed. The media file links on the humor page or very slow, to load. I suggest right-clicking and "saving as" a file on your HD as opposed to streaming them. I will be seasonalizing the medical page shortly, and bringing it into the summer. Thanks to Tracy B for brgingin this to my attention. I appreciated it!
    A whole month without any changes... That's a record for me. Visits again increased in March, topping all prior months. Nice to see the site used. I have deleted the Public/Private forum from the menu and site. It is not being utilized at all and thus seemed a waste. Maybe I'll put a viewable visitor's log in and keep it all "on-site". It appears that the weather site I have been using is no longer functioning properly. I have switched to AccuWeather.com and I kinda like it. Java is utilized, so hope that does not present a problem. Let's see if they are more reliable?
    Corrected the various Error Pages that pop up if a problem occurs while visitors are surfing around. The menu was still the old version. Updated the Call Volumes to bring us up to date. Reduced the entrance page slideshow images by one because it seems to load ALL prior to running and that may be hard on 56k users.
    I believe that the FireFox issue has been resolved. Not that it was a major issue, but I bugged me nevertheless. There were also some HTLM coding issues that were inconsistent and I cleaned them up along the way. I have used a jpg image for the gradient background within tables and in at least one other DIV declared spot (Weather section on main page) replacing a Microsoft specific code that was not being cooperative in non-MS browsers. Was suprised that the "DIV style declaration" worked! I have checked the formatting with larger screen resolutions and it does look good. I have added the Elbert County BOCC minutes for the July 2004 meeting that addressed the BSFD creation to the District Page. I tweaked the header section to reflect a "post-approval" flavored statement. I have also added a "Recent News" area to the main page. This can be changed/updated as needed. A link to MVEA has been placed in that area in response to their wonderful grant they approved for the purchase of CPR training class materials! As always, I am looking for feedback from anyone. Is there something that you want on the the site that is not there? Do you like the current format/scheme, or would you prefer something else? Is the load-time acceptable for 56k users? Do I need to back off on the graphics or quality thereof? Hello? Anybody out there? Does anyone even read this page? (grin)
    Added Jan and Feb business mtg minutes to member page. Updated the web site stats at the bottom of this page. Added Brandon's email and corrected Terry's info. I have discovered that the site's pages don't format correctly when using FireFox 1.0. Specifically, the code that drives the graphics in the tables is not recognized apparently. It bugs me. The intra-page "back to the top" links have been fixed. I am not sure when they were deleted!? Changing CSS properties for the left-side menu, adjusting right side body margin, etc... Trying to edit for future ease as well as cleaning in general to get beter results from FireFox users. Not having fun with this, and am afraid that with larger screens this is going to look like crap. Especially the top banner which won't adjust automatically in terms of accomodating browser window size via CSS commands. Bear with me.
    Repaired several links that were no longer functioning, and added recent rollover pics to incident page. Still need to finalize the 2004 call stats and just a few other tweeks. Yes, been slacking.
    Yikes! Lotsa mods accomplished. A Member Resource page has been developed and taken the place of the Roster link on the left-side menu. It resides in a secure directory along with the Roster and Meeting Minutes and will require a PW. I have added an incident line and slideshow for the latest extraction/burn training. I have added a Fire Prevention Week Page that shoots off of the Sponsored Events page. I have updated the Roster and added all personnel to the access list for the secure directory. If anyone is needing access and can't get in, contact me by phone of email so we can get you in. Lastly, I have sprinkled in some new graphics as well as a "solicitation" for vehicles to practice extraction on. This will appear on the Main Page. Whew. Enuff for now. As always, let me know what you think!
    Minor mods to some tables that creep too far to the right on some pages. Minor, I know, but it's little things like that that bug me...(g) The Meeting Minutes are HERE! Posted/archived on the meeting page toward the bottom. Thanks to Shannon and John for getting them ready for posting.
    Reformatted the Resources Page a bit and added a new link or two. Revised the EMS page slightly because I found that the link to the EMS Helicopters is no longer working. Bummer. It was a nice graphic site. Oh, well... Revised the Events Page to eliminate a problem with search engines picking up on the Christmas, 4th of July, and Labor Day pages and offering them as a link to the site. Problem is, they didn't have a clickable link to the site as they were loaded into an Inline Frame and designed to be used only from the Events page itself and not free-standing. Killed 2 birds with one stone: a close-window button AND a link to the Events page to cover both potential situations. Let's see how it goes. Given the fact that they are now "free-standing", I may upgrade them a bit. The November 04 visit stats reflect the continued trend of increased use with 1138 visits, and December is showing a high volume promise as well. Believe it or not... I best stay on top of things.
    Have added a couple of new images. I have quite a few exraction/veh fire training pics that I will add to the incident page and perhaps generate a slideshow with. I really want to get the one of 1700 vacuuming in here somewhere...heh-heh. There are some good pics of the last Fire Prevention Week that I will be finding a spot for that didn't get emailed. ...and I am the one that mailed them. Go figure.
    Many graphic changes and new page banner. Anyone notice? Tried to clean up some other HTML issues. Still working on thumbnailing the incident image page for faster loads. Let me know what y'all think about the "upgrade". I fixed the Department's email so anything sent to Simlafire@simlafire.org should get there. It's just a matter of someone checking it from time to time. There are many new digital pics at the station and I will soon get to incorporating them I hope.
    Happy Birthday BSFD! The Big Sandy Fire Protection District has been born. All the time and efforts of the Rural Board have resulted in a mandate from the residents of the Big Sandy School District to move ahead as a tax-based district. The department realizes that this is no small feat, and is in collective awe, and I believe humbled, in the wake of this decision. I personally want to thank those of you out there for your support. You know who you are. Those on "the other side" will find that as time bears out the benefits were well worth it. I have updated the calls, seasonalized the EMS page, and I guess I will have to start working on tweaking all the "SVFD" references to reflect the districting. So stay tuned.
    Nasty computer virus has hampered update efforts, but that's no excuse...(g) I have relocated the Roster Page to a secure directory that will require a user name and PW. ** Members: Your user name is first initial+Last name. Password is the latest one. If you need it holler at me. Not all people have been added to the user list for access only becuase not all people use it on a regular basis. Let me know if you need access. My HTML editor is having issues, so that's also hampering update efforts. PLease be patient. Our new secretary may be able to send meeting notes so they MAY be published and archived here in the near future. I also need to set up a mailing list after procuring the latest roster copy.
    The Burn Permit is online! The application for a burn permit has been developed for on-line submission. Simply another option of getting in touch with The Chief. It took a while to get functional, but it's finally here. I think I need to toy with putting an online comment form on the contact page next...
    The Fire Big Sandy Fire Protection District Proposal is now available for viewing on line. Accessible from the main page, it includes the Safety Plan, proposed Budget and general informational flyer. Please take a look especially if you are in our protection area. With it going on the ballot, we need your support. Your vote counts! I have updated the stats below to include June. We are coming up on 1 year of existence on line!

    **Password for the roster page access has been changed!** If you use it, and need the new one, let me know.

    Updated the web stats to include April and May. Awaiting the 4/10/04 controlled burn pics for creation of a slide show. We now have department digital cameras on several units so my hope is that there will be an increase in digital documentation for inclusion here!
    Added 8 images of the Stuke Tornado damage to the incident page and created a slide show with the fullsize pics. Will update the web site stats to include May soon.
    Been slacking... Have added a Stuke Tornado Fundraiser page. Will be adding some tornado damage images, and some others soon. I should have some training burn images as well.
    Moved the CSP/CDOT links from the Main page to the Links page. I left the weather link where it was though. Geared the main page toward more of an intro/summary style format. Better, worse? Let me know. I will wait to post the April site stats until they are complete. Visits are still on the rise. I think it is just me visiting...(g)
    Repaired/returned background on index (entry) page to black as well as reduced the size of the graphics that are running in the Java slide show. Had received word that the load time may be an issue due to the size of the images. I also removed 2 pictures from the slide list. Net gain: maybe 100k or so, so it should have an impact I hope. Let me know. Thanks for the feedback Chief! Every little bit helps.
    Had to get the logo on the site somewhere... Oh, there it is to the left!(g) Replaced the header text in favor of a graphic banner. My hope is that the changes don't affect load times too much for the 56k users. Someone will have to let me know if they are! Any comments about the revamp? Modified a few other pages as well, so have at 'em. Added a new Elbert County Resource page done by the webmaster for both the Elbert Fire and Kiowa Fire sites. She's good, so I would recommend keeping an eye on that site. If you have not noticed, there is a new link available on the Resources page for the "official" Elbert County website.
    Added the latest controlled burn picures from 4/10/04 to the Incident page. I am told there are many more pics coming and will develop a slideshow upon reciept. Thanks go out to Simla PD Chief Leach for the camera work!
    Happy Easter all! Thanks to Merlyn for helping get the email links *fixed*! If you have been having issues getting logged-on, I think it has been rectified. You should get a new page with log-on options now. This issue never effected the forwarding aspect of mail sent to your FD email if you have it being checked by Outlook Express at home, but did effect the accessing of it online... Whew. That's a mouthful.
    In case you have not noticed, I swapped formatting a bit. I chose to try out a "cleaner" and brighter design for a bit. If anyone has any comments, I'd sure like to hear them. Color changes? Formatting ideas? Any feedback is good. Anyone having problems? I also modified a graphic image that was being "leeched" in terms of bandwidth. Someone had posted it in a forum, and directly linked to it. 'Nuff of that! Our secretary has 2 months of SVFD business meeting minutes ready for publication. Once obtained I will post them (and begin archiving) on the meeting schedule page. Perhaps it will also be available other places as well. Let's keep the cart before the horse... I look forward to hearing from someone in regard to the "updated" format.
    Swapped out/Seasonalized the EMS page. Updated the monthly stats below. 608 visits in March! A huge jump for some unknown reason. Regardless, it is good to see..
    Eliminated the pesky residual window for accessing the roster. It was the "password" window that stayed open after you entered the password and opened the roster. Who said I can't write JAVA? Yeah, right. It works, no comment. The roster is only available through the contact SVFD page at this point as a way of combatting spiders from linking directly to it and bypassing the security code. It's my effort to keep ya'lls phone numbers protected, okay? We are going over 500 site visits this month and I don't think it is just me doing all that traffic. Okay, maybe 450 visits are mine, but still...
    Re-worked the Main Page to reduce the redundancy that appeared in the Fire page. Edited the menu options on all pages: Deleted WEB Mail and Forum Options in favor of Incident and Meeting Schedules. The Forum is still available as a suggestion on the Main page, as well as the contact page. Added a US Drought Monitor link. Added FBI and CBI links to the Simla PD page. Still waiting for a "mission statement" and bio's from the guys. No hurry, all in good time. Added the latest (02/21/03) structure fire to the incident page (2 images). Updated the Call Volume stats. Minor mods to the Events pages. Getting the Summer-EMS page ready for posting to replace the Winter-Topic one. OKay, It's still March, but I have the Spring BUG. Post it May 1st? Cleaned up some potential code problems on both pages. Let me know what you think about the red... anyone?
    Added a little color to the top of the pages and to the horizontal breaks. Cleaned up more HTML that was found a bit sloppy. If you find something that is not working, please contact me. I have yet to receive a broken link complaint.
    Minor formatting mods to Main Page and EMS page. Removed some of the clutter in the weather-related area on Main Page and added a More prominent link to the Elbert County Dept of Health on the EMS page.
    Modification/simplification to Intro Page: Reduced initial options to four.
    Added the official Elbert Gounty Government site link to the main page. It's up-to-date. resourceful and well done! Requested reciprocal inclusion for SVFD and lobbied for Agate Fire's inclusion as well.
    Minor mods to the Main page and the Fire page to create more unique narratives in the header sections.
    Edited most off-site links to open in a new window rather than on top of the SVFD pages. This reduces the need for constant back-buttoning, and trying to pick up where you left off. Annoying, or bad? Let me know.
    Reformatted a couple pages to ensure increased browser compatability hopefully. Added a link to Police Scanners On-Line. The neat thing being that it has a feed from Douglas County SO dispatch. Really kind of fun to listen to the radio traffic. These links were place at the bottom of the EMS and Fire page only. I also added a link to an article I found reference volunteering by some Alamosa fire/ems personnel that I added to the Volunteer page.
    Updated the February stats on this page. Everything is UP except total visits.(g) I put a counter on the Intro Page just for giggles. (actually done on 2/28) Something on the site is returning a 404 Error, meaning "Not Found". I've checked, ran link checks, HTML checks... I don't see it. If someone finds a BAD LINK, please let me know so I can remedy it. It MAY be the USFA/FEMA Fact Sheets. They don't spider well, and show up as denied access when checked by the spider. BUT, the good news is that they link properly as far as I can tell. Neat links regardless, with a lot of info available once at the site. Cleaned some HTML up. I was getting sloppy...
    Been busy! NEW slideshow galleries developed for the Event Page. Labor Day 03 images, the SVFD 4th of July Member Picnic, etc... Several other graphics added around the site. Thanks again to Matt for the "web site fodder". They really did provide for a complete sprucing up of the content here. Now you know why I was screaming for them! (g) A few other background adjustments.
    Toying again with the CSS. Background graphics changed on all pages but the Intro page. Working on a Simla PD Page. This was developed as a subdomain to the Simla Fire site, rather than incorporating it into the site itself. It's MY experimenting. I am debating bumping up the graphic quality on some pics despite my conscience and empathy toward 56k connections. Any comments yet? MEMBERS - get signed up in the forum, and let me know so I can get you entered into the SVFD only group that will allow you access into the Dept Communication area that is restricted to SVFD personnel.
    Cleaned up/edited the Kids Page a bit after finding some typos and a minor formatting issue.
    Fixed a possible 'OnPageLoad' error that may have affected the slideshow series in the banner area on the entry page. 1st image to appear should be the Flag image, but script was calling for "1.jpg" which is not a valid file. It happens so fast on a high-speed connection that it was a non-issue, but may be more prominent on a 56k connection. Still no comments/problems/feedback folks?
    Added a Kids Page to the Main page along with some other adjustments to get some of the clutter minimized. Still waiting to hear from anyone in regard to the "upgrades"...
    ***Index.htm (initial page loaded)given a face-lift in the form of a Java Script image switcher.*** Anyone getting errors, or problems, needs to let me know ASAP (works fine on MY end, but I have no way of knowing if it is jacked on yours). 7 rotating images at this time and I tried to keep them "56k friendly" for lowband loadtimes... Java makes me nervous folks. The other BIG news is the Chief supplied me with PICS! THANKS MATT!!!! You should see them spread out on numerous pages, and I am still sticking them in. Updated the incident page with an Adobe Slideshow of the Limon controlled structure burn. Any feedBack??? I will also be adding a page to the Event section to include the AirLife visits that we have yearly. The Meeting Schedule has changed, take note! YTD Calls has also been updated. Refresh most pages if you are seeing the same old graphics folks, and let me know about the Intro Page.
    I have made the initial application to the department available for download on the Joining SVFD page in either Word or Adobe PDF format. Also have plans in the works to get those monthly business meeting minutes made available for viewing. Hopefully we can start archiving them.
    Removed the "Elbert County Resource Numbers" link on Main Page in favor of a Historical Museum link (may need to refresh). The resource page was "not found" so... Doink! Good news is, Agate Fire (ARVFD) is back up and running! They've done a nice job/upgrade on it, so check it out. Added the Java scripting for the rollover image onto this page. NO reported problems yet, let me know.
    Fixed a possible bad link on the left side menu bar that may be presenting problems. The link to the gif file showed up as "not found", but seems to be displaying properly anyway. Who knows...
    Fixed a bad link on the fire page (12/30/03 image) and updated the January stats below. Thanks to all who have visited! Once again we beat last month's visit totals. It's nice to see the site being used! Added more information links to the LPG page. If anyone comes across ANY sites that might be of interest, please consider sending them!
    Experimenting with a Java script Rollover on the Fire Page only for the upper-left logo. As long I don't get error reports, I'll maybe change the rest. I have no way of knowing unless someone tells me. Works fine from my end... So check it and let me know!!! Other minor mods - focusing on pics and load times. The Chief has an image disk that should yield a larger variety of personnel pics and incident documentation. Will likely have to utilize thumbnails that link to an image directory to keep page loading adequately. Stay tuned.
    Logo upgrade. May need to refresh if pages don't show a cut-out logo in the upper-left corner. Tried to "clean up" some sloppy HTML issues as well as tinker with large graphics that are possible load-time issues. Updated monthly totals on table below and call volume numbers. I am needing feedback in regard to load times, any formating issues, or any broken links (besides Agate Fire...still down) folks. Would like to hear from 56k connections, and from anyone seeing any strange things. Please provide connection speed and browser type if possible. I want to be able to involve all and provide as pleasant an experience as possible!
    Added some fire prevention and safety links to the Fire Page. Developed an LP Gas page with some information I found. Published the Web Site stats on the bottom of this page. It is NOT linked dynamically for security purposes. I will attempt to keep it current at least 2 times a month. Agate link/site is STILL down. If anyone could shed some light let me know.(g) Any content suggestions folks? Any load problems noticed? Any and ALL feedback would be welcome.
    Repaired a bad AMR link that was found. The Agate Fire site appears down for the moment, but I am leaving the link active a this time. It's my belief that this is a temporary glitch in the Matrix... Will soon have some more FD pics to splash into various pages, so stay tuned.
    Tweaked the Calls and the Incident pages. Our visits per month advanced to over 400 in December 2003, and we have increased each month since inception. Thanks to all who visit! The call remains for feedback/ideas. Merlyn, sorry about the now "hidden" Humor page. I have an appeal out for SVFD history information and want to create a page that descibes and documents department roots to the current state of being. ANY HELP would be appreciated. Items such as scanned news clippings, pictures, or simply recollections would be great!
    Added an incident documentary page. [Fire/Rescue Incident Pics]. Thanks again to the Ranchland News for the 12/30/03 pic and Merlyn (1708) for scanning the rollover pics! Roster has been updated and should be good now.
    Added picture of the 12/30/03 structure fire call, with MANY THANKS from Tim Taylor of the Ranchland News! Updated the Santa page with some 2003 pictures. Check out the "Santa Abuse", and the "Jester Elf" pics. Love that Hat Brad!
    Enabled the logo on top left of pages as a clickable graphic keyed to the index/entry page. Minor modifications/corrections on several pages. Clean-up formatting on several tables. Roster updated (1700's cell # added, pager deleted)
    A CSP link added replacing a somewhat duplicate Time/weather link. The Official CO State website added to Main Page. Disabled the Humor Page link. Anyone wanting to take a peek needs to email the webmaster. Due to the "mature leanings" of the humor I think I need to keep a lid on it until approved.(g) Chief, I am working on the email issue.
    Resized ALL large graphics for faster load-times. Special attention given to the Labor Day pics, which were VERY large. Should provide a noticeable improvement, and those who have it cached should refresh to get those files on your system replaced by the smaller files for future loads!!! Updated Xmas Event info. Added Meeting/Training Schedule link to several pages: Roster/Volunteer/Main/Fire Page etc.. Reformatted this page to list newest changes on top. Sparky Link added to Main page. Anyone wanting any specific content added yet? Does anyone want to be on a SVFD mailing list that I can notify when updates are made? That's one of the features available. Let me know. Anyone out there?(g)
    Updated the Burn Permit page. Resized some graphics on the EMS and Fire pages. Corrected an inaccurate graphic reference on EMS page. Began work on an Elbert county/Simla History Page for possible inclusion. Still waiting for feedback ref the humor page. Should I continue, and publish?(g)
    Updated and "Winterized" the EMS page, added images to neighboring dept links, added Weather and Time links/info to main page.
    Working on Humor Page Merlyn. Gear toward Adult/sick, or keep it clean? This is what I have so far: SVFD Humor Page. Merlyn/anyone? What were you thinking in terms of format?
    Corrected typo on main page (thanks Jim!) Fixed the Roster page's security issue I believe. Would like to clean up the process and have it "auto-close" the PW window upon accessing the Roster page. Anyone know Java?
    Okay...Re-did the color scheme entirely in response to the suggestion of someone with decent color coordination. Disposed of various table background images in favor of more consistency.
    Revamped Events page. Utilizing an in line frame to load the specific event pages into. Would sure like feedback as to whether this method stinks or not. Added backgrounds to some tables as a trial run. If any one has slow load times, i'd sure like to hear about it.
    Completed reformatting of all but Event Page conversions to Style Sheet control. Dumped 4th of July graphics that link to off-site page, and would not return. If he does not want reciprocation, then there ya have it... Still toying with the "Humor Page" Merlyn. Corrected roster to reflect election/officer changes.
    Completed reformatting of all but Event Page conversions to Style Sheet control. Dumped 4th of July graphics that link to off-site page, and would not return. If he does not want reciprocation, then there ya have it... Still toying with the "Humor Page" Merlyn. Corrected roster to reflect election/officer changes.
    Implementation of a style sheet to control several pages. If anyone reads this, email me and let me know what you think. Especially if you find abnormalities/anomolies.
    Some background graphic changes. CSS implemented for select pages as a trial-run. Roster updated.
    Santa "Clause" type corrected (thanks again Jim!) Plans are in the works to begin posting the business meeting minutes each month, and Merlin is working on a PDF Volunteer application for downloading!
    Added Labor Day 2003 pictures to Labor Day page. Changed font color on Main event page for small screen monitors. Black text was hidden/blended toward the bottom.
    Corrected reference to "northWEST" corner El Paso fire/EMS coverage- Thank's Jim, nice catch! Also edited Labor Day page to include live music reference and Ice Cream Eating Contest as well as clarifying that this is our MAIN yearly fundraiser. Link to Elbert County Dept of Health added per reciprocal tradition! Sky Ridge Medical Center link added to EMS page
    Added a Call Volume page listing 2002 and YTD 2003 EMS and Fire runs. Links are on the EMS and Fire Pages.
    Corrected link formatting in table on main page.
    Many page reformats. Reformatted Events page, added a Homeland Security link on main page, EMS page additions, added Update page.
    1782 pics added to EMS and Main pages, Kiowa Fire link added, volunteer page update.

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