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  • Community Resource Links & More

    Below you will find links to neighboring fire departments, county resources and more. This is by no means all-inclusive, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to submit them!

    We have tried to adhere to the philosophy of "quality, not quantity", so we hope you will find them useful (or at least fun) to explore.

    Elizabeth Station 271
    Elizabeth Fire
    Elbert Station 31
    Elbert Fire and Rescue
    Kiowa Station 21
    Kiowa Fire Department
    Rattlesnake Station 1
    Rattlesnake Fire
    Protection District
    Agate Fire Station
    Agate Volunteer
    Fire Department
    North Central
    North Central
    Fire Department
    Limon Fire
    Limon Fire
    and Rescue
    Elbert County Government
    Elbert County
    Colorado State Patrol
    Colorado State Patrol
    Department of Homeland Security
    Department of
    Homeland Security
    Colorado State
    The Official Colorado
    State Website
    CO Road Conditions
    Colorado Road
    Federal Emergency
    Management Agency (FEMA)

    Elbert County Historical
    Society and Museum

    Fire & Police
    Scanners On-Line
    (including local CO agencies)
    CDOT - Colorado Department of
    Transportation Homepage

    Colorado State
    Fire Chiefs Association
    Elbert County
    News Website
    Simla Police Department
    Official US Time-Clock

    US and Worldwide FF Sites of Interest

    These are some of the best national and world-wide sites I've come across. They all tend to be comprehensive and information-packed. Check them out and you'll see what I mean.

    American Firefighter.com
    World Tour
    of Fire Departments
    US Fire Department Sites
    The 911 Site.com

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