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    The images below show just some of the calls/training events that the department has participated in.

    Obviously not all calls are digitally documented. We are responding as firefighters or medical/rescue personnel, not photographers. BUT, sometimes we are able to snap a shot or two and want to be able to share what we do with visitors.

    Rather than post all the heavily documented events on this page, some slide shows have been created that will open up and run in a separate browser.

    Available Slide Shows:
    Limon Motel Controlled Burn
    5/10/2004 F3 Tornado
    Vehicle Fire & Extraction Training

    07/19/05 - 2 vehicle head-on CO State Hwy 24. Sadly this one did involve a fatality, and it's likely that the collision speed was near 70mph. Both vehicles had a fire component in addition to the need for extraction. The SUV had multiple occupants with Air Life and Flight for Life assisting with transports of patients.

    02/02/05 - Rollover on Hwy 24. Minor injury TA thankfully. Luckily, the vehicle ended up in an upright position for the occupants to exit from. Thanks again to "Sam-1" for the pics!

    12/14/04 Extraction and Fire Training. Extraction and vehicle fire training with Calhan Fire Department taking us up on the offer to participate. Not only are these training valuable to personnel, they give us a chance to get together with common mutual-aid departments in a Non-Emergent Event for once. A prime opportunity for fun AND learning! A slideshow of this event is available here: 12/14/2004 Extraction Training.

    7/29/04 Rollover - CR 125 (Simla Hwy) Yet another vehicle rollover involving a soft shoulder. Driver was air-lifted by AirLife. Thanks to Simla PD Chief Leach for the assistence AND the digital documentation. Often times Law Enforcement personnel are the 1st responding units to scenes such as this.

    Tornado 5/10/04. This was a direct hit with an F3 tornado that completely leveled the home, outbuildings and killed some livestock. Note the 2x4 jammed in the radiator of the Ford and the metal wrapped around the trees. The trees look like a bomb went off near them, testifying to the power that this type of weather event can pack! To see an amazing series of images and documentation, visit this site: Eastern CO tornadoes as documented by a Storm Chaser.

    Controlled burn of a structure on 4/10/04. Recent snow and cool temps helped make for ideal conditions for this event. Thanks to Simla PD Chief Leach for the camera work! (I am told there are more coming, so stay tuned...)

    Structure fire on 3/22/04. Pushed by steady winds from the southwest, this fire also spread rapidly to dry grass and torched approximately 7 to 8 acres. Calhan and Limon VFD's responded as mutual-aid agencies. Our thanks to Hamacher Well Works and CanAm Drilling for additional water resources as well as the numerous other people willing to pitch in and help any way they could. Thanks also to Officer Cordova of Simla PD for these images taken from his cell phone!

    Structure fire on 12/30/03. Sadly, this fire resulted in a total loss, as it can take as little as 15 minutes to completely engulf a typical single-wide. Mutual aid provided by Calhan Fire Department. Thanks folks, our ongoing relationship is priceless!

    Photo by Tim Taylor of The Ranchland News

    Rollover on Simla Highway 1/1/04. Looking at the final resting position you can see how fortunate the driver was to not have the roof completely flattened.

    Controlled burn April 12, 2003. This structure in Limon was no brush-pile and a fantastic opportunity for a joint SVFD/LVFD training event. Many thanks to our LVFD friends for the invite!

    * To view an extensive slide show of this event: Click Here!

    Roll-over 05/07/03. Damage to the cab of this Ford truck was a result of an rollover accident. Our thanks to the owner of vehicle for letting us document the damage after the fact. Dirt roads, soft shoulders, and deep ditches out here can be very conducive to this kind of accident and damage. PLEASE take it easy folks...

    Training exercise on 10/27/03. Even a controlled situation can be pretty wild stuff! Any opportunity to practice in this manner is invaluable. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best!

    Training Demonstration on 6/18/03. John Gresham (who is is also the Elbert Fire Chief) and Lou from Mountain View Electric Company were kind enough to provide a demonstration of the dangers involved when dealing high voltage electrical current. These guys know their stuff, and we thank both them and MVEA for providing this outstanding training session to the department.

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