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  • Department Activity: Call Volume and Run Totals

    When you call 911 in need of a medical or fire response, the dispatchers at the Elbert County Communications Center respond by "toning out" the department with the information provided by you, the caller. This information is crucial as it will likely determine the level of response provided - so remaining calm and detailed helps both you AND the responders.

    If you've never placed a 911 call, perhaps this will help provide some insight into making that call an effective one: Making the Right Call to 911.

    Each call for service is unique and responded to with that in mind. There are never two incidents the same, or such thing as a "routine call". Perhaps we have been to your home before, but that does not mean that the circumstances are identical.

    The department tracks two basic call types: Medical and Fire (see below for criteria). Some calls (traffic accidents for example) are classified as "medical" because they entail both an ambulance and rescue apparatus response.


    Note: Calls above DO NOT include training events such as controlled burns.
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