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    Hey Kids this page is for you! Learn how to be safe and have some fun at the same time.

    Here you can learn about Smokey the Bear, visit Sparky the Fire Dog, and get some pictures to color.

    When we have an Open House we invite you to visit the station to look at the fire trucks, ambulances and other equipment we use. Sometimes we have a helicopter visit the football field so you can get up close and see what that is all about! We also may visit your school during Fire Prevention week to teach you about Fire Safety.

    YOU are IMPORTANT to us, and we will be there to help in case of fire or an accident. We want you to ask questions when we have open houses, when we are at school, or when the helicopter visits. The only Bad question is the one that is NOT asked!

    Go Visit Sparky!
    Sparky the Fire Dog has his own site just for you! There you can find games, activities, and other fun stuff to do!

    You can also learn about Sparky's history and how he came to be The Great Fire Dog he is!

    Click on Smokey the Bear's picture to find out all about him.

    He's been around a LONG time and seen a lot of fires. His favorite thing to say is: "Only YOU can prevent forest fires." Learn about Smokey!

    Other Fun Places to Visit

    Children's Fire Prevention HandBook

    Code Red Rover's Activity page

    US Fire Administration Kids Page

    Smokey Bear's Coloring Book

    Pictures to Download and Color

    Directions: Kids, ask a parent to help you print these if you need it.

    Pictures will open in a new browser window for previewing. You may need to save these to your hard drive (right-click on the image and choose "Save Picture As") then print using your image editor.

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