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  • Fire Prevention Week

    Each year the department visits the Big Sandy School and the Pre-School in an effort to raise awareness, educate our kids and just have some fun! We thank the schools for accomodating us each year. We have GREAT kids and teachers who take time from a very busy schedule to listen to us.

    It's our belief that participating in the nation-wide Fire Prevention Week campaign is a very important department function. Each year the focus area may change, but the general messages of safety and awareness education remain. If the kids walk away with even one safety tip, then it's worth it.

    Introducing our youth to the dangers of fire, escape planning, and self preservation techniques like "Stop, Drop and Roll", are all important messages that have been presented.

    Being able to see us as people rather than "oxygen pack sucking masked monsters" is also an important function of this campaign. Because that is how someone coming to get them in a smoke-filled house will look like! Presenting them a fully-bunkered up Firefighter in a comfortable setting is a very valuable opportunity.

    Who knows, maybe we can scrounge up some future volunteers along the way! Our kids are important to us and being able to reach out to them as a department is wonderful. Whether it's in an educational setting or having fun with Santa, we want them to know we are there for them.

    We have included a Kid's Stuff Page on this site designed specifically for them to explore and learn on their own at. Fire Prevention outreach does not have to be limited to once a year.

    *Note: If any parents have objections to their children's image being on the site, PLEASE contact the webmaster via the link at the bottom of the page. Your request will be granted immediately.*
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